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7 Officers Joining APD

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The Akron Police Department will be adding seven more police officers to its team. The officers will be sworn in during a ceremony Friday afternoon.

"That'll bring us up to 451 and 451 is just a couple shy of being fully staffed," said Akron Police Chief James Nice. "So I'm one of the luckiest chiefs in the country having a pretty full staff right now."

Nice said he's also expecting to hire about a dozen more officers in the near future.

Mayor Don Plusquellic will administer the police officer Oath of Office to Paul Barnes, Anthony Brandenburg, Timothy Hunt, Brandon King, Samnang Nan, J. Devlin Suanier and Gary White, Jr.

The ceremony also includes the promotions of two captains, Kenneth Ball II and Paul Calvaruso, to deputy police chief.

Prosecutors will continue to pursue the death penalty in the upcoming retrial of 23 year-old Deshanon Haywood - whose conviction in the Kimlyn Circle quadruple murders was thrown out last year.

Cuyahoga County prosecutors were appointed to take the case against Haywood.

Northeast Ohio Media Group reports that those prosecutors voted this week to keep the death penalty specifications in Haywood's prosecution.

Haywood had earlier been convicted of capital murder charges in the murders of four people at townhouse near Chapel Hill Mall. Defense attorneys raised concerns over prosecutorial misconduct, causing that conviction to be vacated.

Jury selection in Haywood's new trial is expected to start May 11th.

He'll be tried again in the murders of 24 year-old Ronald Roberts, 23 year-old Kem Delaney, 19 year-old Maria Nash and 19 year-old Kiana Welch.


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Thursday, 26 March 2015 13:45

Boy Who Fell In Gorge Park Home, Recovering

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The seven year old boy who fell 135 feet in Gorge Metro Park a week ago is back home and still recovering.

The Falls News-Press reports that the autistic boy suffered a broken pelvis, ribs and hands and internal injuries from the fall.

His grandmother, Charlotte Nickol, says he was released this week from Akron Children's Hospital, but still needs to heal more until getting physical therapy.

Police say he wandered from the Ninth Street home on March 18, and was found near Mary Campbell's Cave after hikers found a shoe and an iPad on the nearby path.


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41-year-old Daniel Tighe has officially been sentenced to life without parole in the killing of his former girlfriend and her son in Tallmadge in 2013.

NewsChannel 5 reports that Judge Lynn Callahan imposed the sentence, plus sentenced Tighe to an additional 17 years to life on other charges.

A jury recommended the sentence on Tighe's aggravated murder conviction last week.

The bodies of 31 year-old Wendy Ralston and 5 year-old Peyton were found in a wooded area behind their Stone Creek Drive home in September of 2013.

Prosecutors say his crime was "unspeakable" and say Tighe "never accepted responsibility nor shown any remorse for killing his young son and deserves to spend the rest of his life behind bars."


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Wednesday, 25 March 2015 15:45

Wadsworth Police Seek Rifle Robber Of Gas Station

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Wadsworth police are looking for someone who robbed the Speedway gas station on Akron Road with a rifle last night.

They've obtained surveillance video taken from the gas station at about 20 until 9 PM. They say the suspect wore a scarf and gloves, and partially concealed a rifle with an Ohio State jacket.

Police say the robber already left the store and drove away in a maroon vehicle, possibly a Chevrolet Cavalier, by the time they arrived.


(Wadsworth Police Department) On March 24, 2015 at approximately 8:41 P.M. personnel of the Wadsworth Police Department responded to the aggravated robbery of the Speedway gasoline station, 1160 Akron Road. The suspect had already left the area eastbound on Akron Road, traveling in a maroon vehicle, possibly a Chevrolet Cavalier.
The suspect was described as a white male, mid 20's, 5'8" – 6', reddish-blonde hair, wearing a scarf covering the lower half of his face, a tan jacket and blue jeans. He also wore gloves on his hands.
The suspect carried what appeared to be a rifle, partially concealed with an Ohio State jacket.
Surveillance pictures of the suspect are included on additional pages. These pictures portray:
• The suspect entering the store
• The suspect at the counter
• The suspect exiting the store
• The suspect vehicle
We're asking for assistance in identifying the suspect. Any information on the aggravated robbery or potential identification of the suspect can be forwarded to us via several methods:
• 330-334-1511 (Communications Center, 24 hours a day)
• 330-335-2769 (Departmental tip line)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Departmental e-mail)

Wednesday, 25 March 2015 15:41

Montville Police Sgt. Gets No Jail Time In K9 Death

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A Montville police sergeant who left his K-9 officer in a hot cruiser last September won't see jail time.

NewsChannel 5 reports that a Medina judge ordered a fine for Montville Sgt. Brent Harrison. The K-9 was in the cruiser for four hours and then died.

Harrison could have served up to 90 days behind bars.

"Beny" died of heat stroke. Harrison was filing reports at the Montville police station and found "Beny" inside the cruiser four hours later, when the temperature had risen to 79 degrees.


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An Akron lawyer who serves on the Akron school board will become a judge on the Akron Municipal Court.

David Lombardi will take the open seat on Akron Muni Court starting on April 1st, replacing Judge Julie Schafer, who won a seat on the Ninth District Court of Appeals. The appointment was made Tuesday by Governor Kasich.

Lombardi will have to run in November's if he wants to serve the remainder of the unexpired term, which runs until January of 2020.


(Governor Kasich, news release) Today Governor John R. Kasich announced the appointment of David G. Lombardi of Akron (Summit Co.) to serve as a judge on the Akron Municipal Court. Lombardi will assume office on April 1, 2015, and must run in the November 2015 general election to retain the seat for the remainder of the unexpired term, which ends January 1, 2020. Lombardi is replacing Judge Julie A. Schafer, who has been elected to the Ninth District Court of Appeals.

Lombardi received his bachelor of science degree from Miami University and his juris doctorate from the University of Akron. Past experience includes work in private legal practice and service as a judicial attorney with the Summit County Court of Common Pleas.

Lombardi currently serves on the Akron Board of Education. He is a board member of the Summit County Transportation Improvement District and the Summit County Law Library Association.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015 17:32

Canton Teen Sentenced In Fatal Robbery

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A 17 year-old Canton girl has been sentenced to life in prison for her role in a fatal robbery in Akron.

Alexis Martin was tried as an adult, and will be eligible for parole after 21 years on murder and felonious assault charges.

Martin was one of four people who organized the robbery that ended in the shooting death of Angelo Kerney. Prosecutors say she helped distract Kerney and his brother so Travaski Jackson and Dashaun Speer could rob the home. Kerney's brother, Alicio Samuel, was shot in the head and survived.

Spear and Janae Jones have both been sentenced to life in prison. Jackson's sentence is pending. He's already behind bars for 27 years on another crime.


(Summit County Prosecutor's Office, news release) Summit County Prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh announced today that Judge Thomas Parker sentenced Alexis Martin, 17, of 3rd Street in Canton to Life in Prison for murder and felonious assault. Based on other mandatory and consecutive sentences, Martin will be eligible for parole after 21 years.

On February 17, 2015, Martin pled guilty to murder, a special felony, with a firearm specification, and felonious assault, a felony of the 2nd degree.

On November 7, 2013, Martin, Travaski Jackson, and Dashaun Spear organized a robbery that left one man dead and another with a bullet wound in his head. Janae Jones and Martin went into the home of Angelo Kerney. Jones and Martin distracted Kerney and his brother Alecio Samuel so that Jackson and Spear could enter the home to rob the victims. Spear shot Kerney, 36, who died during the robbery from his injuries. Samuel, 20, was shot in the head but survived.

Jones pled guilty to murder and received a life sentence, eligible for parole after 15 years. Spear pled guilty on the morning of his trial, to aggravated murder with a firearm specification and attempted murder with a firearm specification and was sentenced to Life with Parole eligibility after 41 years are served. Jackson, who is serving a 27 year sentence on an unrelated crime, went to trial and was found guilty of murder. Jackson is awaiting sentencing.

Martin, while a juvenile at the time of the crime, was ordered by Judge Linda Tucci Teodosio to be tried as an adult. Once Martin turns 18, she will serve the remainder of her sentence in a state prison.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015 12:37

4 Meth Labs Uncovered In 54 Hours

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In just over two days, authorities uncovered four meth labs in Wayne County.

The MEDWAY Drug Enforcement Agency was busy for most of that time trying to clear up the chemicals. Director Donald Hall says it's a tough job, especially with the equipment his team has to carry.

"A large amount of time and resources are spent just processing one (meth) lab alone," said Hall.

Halls said his team has a difficult job when handling several cases in short time, especially with the protective gear and equipment that they are required to wear during the removal process.

The most recent bust was made in Wooster over the weekend after authorities were called to a fire -- reportedly caused by a large buildup of chemical gases from an active meth lab.

Several Wooster police officers were treated and released from a local hospital for short term chemical gas exposure symptoms.

Monday, 23 March 2015 18:00

Robber: I Will Blow Your Face Off

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A robbery at an Akron fast food restaurant featured a pretty violent threat from one of the robbers.

Akron police say there were two suspects at the Mr. Hero on West Market early Saturday evening - including one man who threatened the employee behind the colunter to open the registers.

Police say that robber, near the store's counter, stated "you need to open it or I will blow your face off!" The other suspect was by the door.

The employee opened the drawer, and then both men fled after grabbing the cash from it.

Officers caught up with both men nearby after a brief foot chase.

22 year-old Ryan Matthew Maholm of Macedonia and 20 year-old Ozzie Gossick of Akron were arrested. Maholm faces charges of robbery, resisting arrest and obstructing official business. Gossick was charged with obstructing official business and other charges.

Police say the $105 stolen from the cash register was recovered from Maholm after his arrest.

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