• 1 AUDIO: Dealing With Problem Relatives On Thanksgiving
  • 2 GOLF TIP: Check Your Shoulders
  • 3 Vinson's GoFundMe Campaign Collects $23,000
  • 4 Akron Zoo Welcomes New President, CEO
  • 5 AUDIO: Reverand Jeff Kaiser on The Haven Of Rest
  • 6 Holiday Travel Up This Year
  • 7 Marching for Ferguson at Kent State
  • 8 AUDIO: What Can Ferguson Learn From Cincinnati?
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Local News Powered By AkronNewsNow

  • Vinson's GoFundMe Campaign Collects $23,000 +

    An online fund set up to help former Ebola patient Amber Vinson has collected more than $23,000. In the past Read More
  • Akron Zoo Welcomes New President, CEO +

    The Akron Zoo has picked its new president and CEO. The zoo's board of directors announced today that Doug Piekarz Read More
  • AUDIO: Akron Public School's Lisa Mansfield on Plans to Keep Children Safe +

    Lisa Mansfield of Akron Public Schools talks to Ray Horner about making the sidewalks a more safe place for children Read More
  • AUDIO: Akron City Council's President Garry Moneypenny on Campaign Alligations +

    WAKR's Ray Horner talks with President of Akron City Council, Garry Moneypenny, about alleged campaign violations and how they plan Read More
  • AUDIO: Reverand Jeff Kaiser on The Haven Of Rest +

    Reverand Jeff Kaiser talks to Ray Horner about the mission of the Haven of Rest. Jeff talks about donations, helping Read More
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