Information on Mold and Water Damage in Washington Homes

Whether you have lived in Washington all your life or you have joined us more recently, the Seattle area is one place where your home will not have a shortage of water hitting it for most of the year.

Most of the time, your home will protect you from any emergency repair work in Seattle. When there is a severe series of storms or if you have a pipe break, you may start to have your weatherization fail you.

Here are some types of mold and water damage problems that can require that you bring in a specialist:

Water damage from pipes:

Most of your pipes are located under your home, which is a safe location unless you end up with the freezing weather for some days. When a pipe breaks, the important thing is to turn the water to your house off until you have isolated the problem. If there is pooled water anywhere, it indicates that your leak is nearby. You can then call a plumbing specialist to come in and provide you with an estimate for repair.

Another important thing to remember is that tree roots seeking water will eventually find your water pipes and try and break them to get to the water inside. Because of this, it is a good idea to inventory your pipes and remove trees that are growing right over them.

Water damage from a storm:

Most of the service calls that feature storm damage are about excess water that is standing in the home. There are two dangers. The first danger is that you will not have clean water entering your home. The second danger is that you will end up with mold that grows in areas exposed to water.

Mold damage from a storm:

If you do not manage to clean up all the water in your home after a storm, you can start to see mold growth within 24 hours of the water entering your home. One popular strategy is to do what you can with the standing water and then call handyman in Seattle that can guarantee that their work restoring your damaged areas will clean up all the mold that you have in the affected rooms.

Dealing with water or mold damage is one of the more nerve-racking types of activity that you could be forced into doing as a homeowner. Ensuring that your pipes are solid during the year with a specialist, and flood-proofing your home when the area gets one of those 20 days of heavy rain periods are proactive ways of ensuring that your home remains physically safe during the year.

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